Monday, January 9, 2012

I Refuse to Buy Groceries For My Family

I refuse to buy groceries for my family. It's true. I do this several times a year and while my family hates it, I love it.

You see, I get tired of working around the giant cases of Carnation Instant Breakfast/Goldfish/Granola Bars in my pantry. You know the ones... the ones they beg you to buy after eating the item every single day for a month. They convince you that they really are going to continue to eat them, so (silly moms), we stock up on these things thinking, "I'm going to save by buying them in bulk!"

No sooner do you finish unloading them from your car (giant, heavy things bought at a warehouse store that doesn't provide bags, but should), than your children decide, "We're not in the mood for those anymore!"

Well, they're in the mood for them now. Why? Because I won't buy any new food of any kind until all the food in the house has been finished. And I do mean everything. Every snack, every strange flavor of jelly, every packet of single-serving macaroni and cheese that they begged for.

Likewise, I also use up all the things I myself have accumulated. It's fun! Pretty soon I'll be figuring out how to make dinner out of six frozen shrimp, one lamb chop, a can of beets, and a package of Jiffy corn muffin mix.

It's actually a great way to save money and reorganize the pantry, all at the same time. When I finally do go shopping, I'll have all my coupons clipped and none of the food in the house will be past its expiration date.

This, of course, speaks to my "momminess" side. My "sexiness" side? Keep an eye out for a different blog post!

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