Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drawing the Line on Sunscreen

I live in NC. Which means that although it's only mid-June, it's been "summer" for well over a month already. Further clarified, this also means that we have already been in full-fledged sunscreen mode for weeks.

Every day, I thank my lucky stars that I have already passed the phase of life in which my kids were wriggly, uncooperative little beasts, requiring me to hold on to their slippery little wrists with the grip of death in order to get the lotion slathered onto them. (While listening to them cry about how it's not fair, they don't like it, etc, etc, etc.)

Now they're old enough to understand that no one is going anywhere until the sunscreen is on. They also (due to my "mean momminess") understand how much a sunburn hurts, having experienced it firsthand over the past few summers when I decided that maybe they'd learn better from experience than from my lectures.

But of course this year brings a new dilemma. Advances in technology have not missed the sunscreen market. Thus, there is now the availability of spray-on sunblock that requires no rubbing, takes two seconds, isn't slimy, and works great. The problem? It's so expensive, I'd have to take out a second mortgage if my plan were to use it on four kids every day for the six months that are summery.

At $10 per spray can, and the ability to easily go through a whole can each day, it seems that I'm now back to holding on to their (much bigger) slippery wrists, trying to force the $5-a-bottle-and-will-last-three-weeks lotion onto them.

Unless I can get them to pay for the spray with their own money? Excuse me while I go assign some chores.

On the other hand, I'm broke. From buying the spray sunscreen.

Sigh... I guess that brings me back to the mean momminess of letting them get burnt if they refuse to get lotioned. Sometimes parenting really does feel like a perfectly round circle.

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