Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Bother Cleaning a House, Anyway?

Cleaning. Sometimes it seems so pointless. Other times it seems so mandatory. I mean really, for whom are we cleaning, anyway?

The kids? Surely they not only don't care, but would actually prefer if things were left messy, thereby disguising their contributions to the chaos.

The husbands? Ahem. Most of them would be perfectly happy to store all of their laundry on the floor beside the bed if it weren't for we wives who so diligently provide a hamper-home for such things. And for those neatnick guys, like mine? Neat is usually their goal, actual dusting and polishing not nearly as important.

The pets? No way. Tumbleweed furballs are their goal and our vacuuming only makes them have to start all over again.

The neighbors/friends that might stop by or be invited over? Maybe. I mean, my take on the issue is that if you stop by unannounced and have to step over forty-seven loads piled in my kitchen on laundry day, that's a risk you'll have to take. Invited guests on the other hand, should be able to at least walk across the room, not stick to the floors, and have a clean towel to dry their hands on in the bathroom.

Really, when I clean, I clean for me. Because I don't like cluttery items spread throughout the home. Because dust on my furniture makes me feel guilty for not taking good care of my furniture (the down-side of knowing what I paid for it). Because fur tumbleweeds make me feel guilty about my stepson who is mildly allergic to cats.

Come to think of it, that's the answer. For me, anyway. It's the guilt that is laid upon me--not by other humans, but by my furniture, my carpets, and my vacuum cleaner who sits sadly in the closet when I don't use it. Which all translates to mean that really, it's me, laying the guilt on myself.

Guilt. To some extent, it's a mother's curse, I guess. What's your take?

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  1. I clean for therapy. It makes me feel energized and then proud of what I have. I enjoy seeing things in place and looking nice. But I do admit that sometimes I rather leave it alone if I don't expect anyone. I think people tend to take for granted and then expect to see your home the same way it is always presented. So if presented the first time neat then you better keep it that way for them. If it was a mess they would not be so surprised if they came and saw it that way again.


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