Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm At the Writer's Conference!...

I'm in NYC for the Backspace Writer's Conference. Actually, I've been here since Wednesday and I would have told you but I was too busy hoping that I wasn't the only one who likes the trees in the proverbial forest that is my book.

Yesterday was "Agent-Author" day and much to my relief, both my query letter and sample pages of my book were well received. No, the agents did not clamor for my attention, jumping off their podiums and begging to represent my book. But they did seem interested, which is what I hoped for.

Because, although I'm confident that it's a good book, it is also... well, mine. Which means that (not unlike our children), I couldn't disregard the possibility that maybe other people wouldn't love it quite as much as I do. As the adage goes, sometimes it's hard to see the forest because of all the trees in the way. Or something like that.

Today I launch into another day of seminars, networking, and workshops. I'm entering my book into a contest, "Midtown Idol." Alternately pumped up on coffee and eating bits of chocolate to get through the adrenaline valleys, I'm headed for another day of learning, networking, and probably a little fun.

There's even a cocktail party tonight, and I'm sure I'll need it (too bad they don't have a morning one as well). Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Babe,

    Good luck today and I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

    I know they will all love it, after all, it is not mine and I love it ;o).

    Love you and be safe,

    xoxoxoxoxoxo - Mark

  2. Good luck. I know that what ever happens it is a big accomplishment to write a book. I am proud of you.
    Love you and call when you get home.


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