Sunday, May 30, 2010

Conference Summary: From Fun to Feedback

Well, it was an exciting week. I went to NYC for four days to attend a writer's conference. Had some other adventures along the way: lunch with a friend I haven't seen in 10 years, an authentic Spanish dinner with my cousin Ellen, a harrowing ride on a pedi-cab (those people are nuts!), and enough wine Friday night to keep me marinated for a week. The shoe shopping was good, the hotel was great, and I met a fantastic singer whose performances I look forward to seeing.

The writer's conference itself? In my mind, a success. My book was well-received by both agents and fellow authors alike, I learned quite a bit about the industry, and I look forward to sending "my baby" out into the world over the next few weeks.

It was very validating to find that I don't just love my book because it's mine... it actually is a good book that other people (really!) want to read. And not just any people, but people who have an impartial perspective; who don't know me and love me, but are nonetheless psyched about my book.

The Momnesia Chronicles will continue in a few days... as soon as my feet heal from all the walking and my heart heals from being away from my husband for four days. See you soon!

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