Friday, August 6, 2010

Next Novel: Started!

I'm a member of a few reputable writing forums; the one I benefit from most is Backspace (

Often, I've wondered how in the world people can be writing another book when their previous one has not even been published yet. I couldn't imagine being able to concentrate on a new project when "my baby" is still awaiting representation.

Turns out, they're onto something. I've recently discovered that if I were to sit around waiting for everything to come together, I'd soon be on the funny farm... the funny farm at which e-mail is banned because the novelists are all sitting in the corner babbling to themselves about the need to check, Check, CHECK their e-mail!

Sigh. I knew it would be a long process--it was the arduousness of it that I underestimated.

Today, I surprised myself. When I opened my new project (for the umpteenth time), I finally had something to say. My fingers flew as the story began forming magically on the pages.

Ah, magic. The magic of writing. I truly hope others will soon be able to enjoy MOMNESIA, but until they do, at least I'm getting some fulfillment out of writing.

Stay tuned!

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