Saturday, August 21, 2010

Google Analytics Torture

I don't know about you, but I find technology to be a strange mix of torture and pleasure: Computers, the Internet, blogging, Facebook--they're all wonderful resources--when they work.

When they don't work, however, there is perhaps nothing more torturous. Viruses, frozen screens, having to reformat your computer and lose all your information... these are reasons why I use a Mac.

Yes, I am one of those Apple users that borders on psychotic in favor of my beloved computer/s that "just work."

Unfortunately, there are some things that can't be avoided: namely, Internet-based applications. Such as Firefox, (my favorite browser), and Google Analytics, which has been implemented by seemingly every website in the universe, used to track visitors and their clicks.

Hosed up beyond my wildest imagination, my lightning-fast, high-tech, never-has-a-problem computer has been rendered lethargic by Google Analytics. For weeks.

And I--ever the problem solver--have also been hosed up, wasting hours of my time searching for a way to fix it: reading blogs, searching forums, and downloading applications (which I am mostly not afraid of due to the Mac-ness of my computer being far less vulnerable than my PC counterparts).

Finally, my wonderful husband found the solution for me and now I will share it with you: It's called NoScript, and it is the only thing that has worked:

If you're suffering like I have been with this Google Analytics problem, I hope it helps you too... the Internet has once again become an invaluable tool rather than a torturous device that tests the very limits of my willpower to not throw things out the window. Good luck!

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