Friday, April 16, 2010

The Writing is Never-Ending

I write. A lot. And, thinking about it, I don't just write because I'm a writer. Of course, I work on my novel, create workbooks and presentations for the seminars I teach, and I write this blog.

But there is far more writing than that, and I can't help wondering how people who are not particularly writers handle this? There are the long, conversational e-mails that maintain cohesive relationships with my children's teachers. There are e-mails to coordinate our family's activities with other parents, dance instructors, and even Grandma, who is as fast a typist as I am. There are replies to Facebook posts, dispute letters to credit card companies, and a multitude of other needs for writing on a daily basis.

It's grueling sometimes. And that's despite me having the ability to type approximately 10,000 words per minute with the near-accuracy of a brain surgeon. How do people do it? Hunting and pecking, laboriously eeking out one word per minute?; it's the equivalent of me being forced to work on my own car--I could do it, but it would be an agonizingly slow process with questionable results.

Speaking of my car, I dropped it off for service yesterday. I had an extensive mental list of all the little things I wanted checked, and before leaving to drop it off at the late-night key drop, I considered typing a list. But I was too exhausted. I phoned and left them a ten-minute message instead.

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