Friday, June 15, 2012

New Writer's Challenge: Please Vote!

Back in the spring, I participated in World Book Night as an official "Book Giver." I had the honor of giving out 20 copies of "The Lovely Bones," and the group I selected to give them to was a classroom of adult students working on getting their GED through the WakeTech Adult Education Department.

I was very excited to meet everyone, and they welcomed me warmly. In fact, so many were interested in hearing about writing as a career, that I decided to create an opportunity for them:

I created my very own NEW WRITER'S CHALLENGE!

Every entrant receives a prize just for participating. The top three finalists have their articles published on my blog (here!) The Grand Prize Winner will receive a copy of each of my books, signed by me, and an assignment as a guest blogger here on LoriTheAuthor!

So, here is where you come in!... We need voters to decide which story wins!

Please take a few minutes to READ ALL THREE articles before voting. (Don't worry... they're short!) AFTER YOU'VE READ THEM, please go to the survey to register your vote! (Below.)

Thank you very much for giving a few minutes of your time to help encourage those in our community who are working hard toward a better future!

Entry: Brushing Up Against Coco

Entry: Overcomer