Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finding Balance Using Pinterest!

If you haven't started using Pinterest yet, chances are that you've at least heard of it. What is it? An online "pinboard" where you can keep track of things you like, or are "pinterested" in.

I admit, at first glance, my reaction was, "Who the heck has time for this? Just what I need... another Internet time-waster!" However, after being invited by many friends, I decided to at least check it out and since then, I've found some significant value in it!

If you're familiar with my upcoming novel, "Momnesia," you know that it's about an unconventional entrepreneur trying to find balance between her "momminess" & her "sexiness."

If you haven't read it yet, what you may not know is that in the story, the main character realizes that she has become so "invisible" in the process of taking care of her family, she can't think of what she'd like even if she did have some free time! She makes a list of things she used to like and things she might like now, and vows to try and work them into her schedule.

So how does this tie in with Pinterest? It has recently occurred to me that it can be a valuable tool in keeping track of things we like, want to try, or simply get some pleasure from looking at! For example, I have boards that include music I like, home decor, favorite books, beautiful lamps, funny quotes, and amazing libraries. There are things I've come across that have made me realize I really like such-and-such thing, but hadn't thought about it before (like the beautiful lamps).

I've also decided that the answer to the question, "Who the heck has time for this?" is... just about everyone! Any mom with a smartphone who spends time in carpool line, waiting at karate, dancing school, etc, is likely to have three minutes to scroll through Pinterest and find a little pleasure in something. Don't have a smartphone? A few minutes on your computer may be just the thing to treat yourself, and find ideas of things you enjoy.

As an aside, I've also found that it's a great replacement for bookmarking items I'd like to buy but aren't ready to purchase just yet. Instead of having tons of separately bookmarked web pages, I have a board of "Things I'd Like to Buy," with pictures of the items, all in one place!

I invite you to check out Pinterest and see if you can find ways to use it to "Find Balance" between your "momminess" & "sexiness," work and life, etc.

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