Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Chick Lit? Join the Chick Lit Challenge!

Lots of exciting stuff has been going on--to say the least! Now that it's only a month from the official release date of my novel, "Momnesia," things are really coming together: interviews, guest articles, media coverage, reviews coming in, events galore, etc!

In my promotional travels, I recently found something super cool to share with you! It's a website called Chick Lit Plus. And it's all about--you guessed it--chick lit books! Now, if you're a reader of chick lit (it happens to be one of my favorite genres), you know that this corner of the reading world doesn't get a whole lot of freestanding hoopla as an individual genre: it's usually tucked in with women's fiction or romance, which is fine, but since chick lit really has a flavor all it's own, it's kind of fun to have found a special place just for that!

In any event, I've gotten to know the gal who runs the site, and Samantha's really great! Turns out, we're going to be working together in the following ways:

"Momnesia" featured giveaway on Chick Lit Plus, the week of March 24-31!
Guest post written by me will be posted on March 29!
Samantha's review of "Momnesia" will appear on Chick Lit Plus March 30!

Chick Lit Plus is also running a year-long event called the Chick Lit Challenge! In which we, as lovers of chick lit, commit to read at least 12 chick lit books in the year of 2012, with at least two of them being by debut novelists (ahem!). Signup is easy and every time you interact (notify that you've finished a book, etc.), you get entered to win that month's giveaway!

And guess who is sponsoring the month of May? Guess! Okay, it's me. "Momnesia" will be the featured book for the month of May, with six books being given away! Perfect timing, as Mother's Day is in May... the perfect time to indulge in "Momnesia!"

Click the Chick Lit Challenge Logo to sign up and join the fun!

I am the author of the novel, "Momnesia," to be released on paperback and Kindle 3/16/12 by Brickstone Publishing. I've been a freelance writer, journalist, columnist and public speaker for 15+ years. I'm also the author of "Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs," which has been widely acclaimed in its genre.

I invite you to learn more about "Momnesia," including the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS FREE at my website, .

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