Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Relaxing Holiday? Gasp!

I come from a big family. And when I say big, I mean BIG. Growing up with my parents divorced and both remarried, I basically had four sets of families... And that was before I got married!

Which all translates to mean that I am accustomed to working VERY hard at the holidays. I have hosted Thanksgiving feasts at my home with 23+ people on an annual basis. I have had 18 friends and family stay at my home for five consecutive days (and had the satellite TV decide that's the perfect time to NOT display the football game or any other programming--yikes!).

Which is why this year is such a novelty. As you can see, I am writing a blog post two days before Thanksgiving! I do not need to do any shopping, cooking, or cleaning. Last night I did laundry and watched Criminal Minds, interspersed with playing my Words With Friends moves while lying on the couch.

Why all this relaxing, you might ask? Because I am not hostessing this year! My mom, oh-so-kind as she is, has decided to have Thanksgiving at her house! Rather than having a giant to-do list, I have a small pink sticky note reminding me to bring a pumpkin roll (purchased home made by someone else), a bottle of wine, and one pan of roasted squash with brown sugar (which will take me less time to make than a normal weeknight dinner would have).

Plus, my mom is a good cook. It's all just so wonderful, it feels almost surreal. Happy Thanksgiving!

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