Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is Here! (Gasp, gasp, pant, pant!)

Holiday hoopla... so very joyous. No, seriously!

Of course, before now there were all of the Christmas preparation setbacks along the way: One of my cats becoming terribly ill, thus requiring numerous expensive and traumatic vet visits and needing to be watched 24/7; One and a half "snow" days of the kids being off from school (involving not a flake of snow, of course, as is the custom here in Raleigh, NC); all of the chorus, gingerbread craft events and other school things being rescheduled so I can attend them even closer to Christmas. Etc.

I've ordered a roast. A big-girl roast. I've never made one of these before and although I'm a little nervous about cooking a piece of meat that is more expensive than the jewelry I'll be wearing while making it, I am going to cross my fingers and do my best.

My gifts are wrapped, my food shopping coupons clipped, alcoholic beverages have been stocked up on. I've accepted my husband's offer for us to dine out for dinner tonight (Christmas Eve) so I can conserve my energy for Christmas day--a significant indulgence in my book.

The tree is lit, the cat is no longer vomiting, the carpets have been cleaned, and the kids are off school. Cookies have been baked, cards have been sent, and the multitude of other tasks have been accomplished. Once again, I've somehow made it through the commercialized, expensive, ridiculous hoopla that epitomizes the holiday season, especially for us moms.

Now it's time to enjoy it. Merry Christmas!

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